Sunday, February 22, 2009

Washington's Birthday

Yesterday it snowed all day. Today, the sun is shinning and the snow cover looks like it's been sprinkled with diamonds.

I did trudge out to the Plum tree to hang the red ball. Murphy followed in my footsteps, the snow is way to deep for him to try to get through it on his own.

I noticed Turkey tracks, this morning all around the deck under the bird feeders. They do a pretty good job of cleaning up anything that spills to the ground. I did find a number of prints around the bird seed metal can. I hope they were just cleaning up anything that I spilled and not trying to figure out how to get into the can.

Today I'll be working in the fabric studio. I still haven't completely healed my very sore, not cracked but feels like it, rib cage, from all that coughing.

Last night while John and I were working on our new puzzle he started coughing and although I felt sorry for him I kept thinking, NO NO NO I CAN NOT GET SICK AGAIN. This morning I cranked up my intake of Vit. C and did the salt water gargle thing. It seems to help.

Murphy has gone to John's office with him. Then they are going to go visit some old clients of Johns'. Time for Murphy to do the meet and greet and these older people love seeing him and John. Good man, good dog.


  1. Bea, I see you've changed your banner. So colorful and artsy! I had to comment on that awesome picture of the tree in snow. I love it! I also love the angel. Is it a concrete statue? Very nice.

  2. Once I discovered how easy it was to customize my blog I tend to have way to much fun changing things.
    Keeps me from being bored and I hope my readers, too.
    Thanks for stopping by! :)Bea