Friday, February 13, 2009

We went for Greek and ended up at a road house!

I was talking to you, the other day about conversations, remember? Yesterday, by the pool, we had a conversation with a man who lives down here three months out of the year and then goes back to Elgin, IL. He was raving about a town, not to far from where we are staying that had "over 20 Greek restaurants". He waxed on and on about different Greek meals he had and which ones were the best and by the time he had finished all three of us were hungry.
John and I decided that we would drive down to this town and check out the restaurants and if nothing else we could stop at a Greek bakery and get something yummy for breakfast the next morning. Who are we kidding, we would have probably eaten whatever we bought on the drive back to the resort!
We got out to Highway 19 and turned left. This was the first time we had driven down this road in this direction. We found the town........we drove around............we didn't see anything that really got us excited about stopping.......the bakery was closed....................sigh.
So, we got back on 19 and headed back up the road.
It was the RED, BRIGHT RED, 1940's style Chevy pickup parked out in front of the road house that caught my attention. I had just been telling John that the barn needed a 1940's style pickup truck. I didn't care what color but it's something I've always wanted to have. It probably dates back to driving around my grandmother's farm, with my cousins, in an old beat up black one.
Lots of cars, that's a good sign.
It was a great place. Lots of families, peanut shells on the floor and a bucket of peanuts on each table, two for one beer night and somehow with only five minutes to spare we got our order in under the early bird special. I can't tell you what saving all that money means to my Scottish husband!
The place was crowded, no smoking, lots of happy people, a wonderful serving staff, what more could you ask for?
And, we never would have found it if we hadn't had listened to the guy in the pool wax on about Greek food. lol You never know where life is going to take you, do you?

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