Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is interesting!

Remember yesterday's post about my trip to the bookstore? Remember that I picked up a book explaining the Vietnam War, for children and I decided to buy it? I just was going through my emails and I received an email from a lady, here in town, that works with Hmong elders, mainly women. Many of them suffer from PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from the Vietnam War, running from the North Vietnamese, seeing family members murdered and their experiences in camps in Thailand.
All of these women face poverty along with the mental health issues. What this woman is trying to do is help them learn new skills which they seem eager to do. She heard that I had been to Peru, from a mutual friend and had taught basic quilting classes to a group of women down there.
She wanted to know if I would be interested in donating time or some materials to their project.
Hmmmm, do ducks have webbed feet?
So, I'll be getting in touch with her tomorrow and we'll see what we can set up.
Today, I looked at that book, sitting on my computer table and shook my head wondering why on earth I had bought it. I knew at some time I was going to have to open it up, move out of my comfort zone and read about a war that I hated. Now, I understand.
The universe works, in it's own way and it's own time. Our job is to listen to the seed thoughts, prepare the way and be open to receiving what the universe has to offer.
I know me. I know that if this email had come to me out of the blue, like this, I might have just donated some items and be done with it and moved on to something else. To have bought that book even though I was unsure of why and just decided that I had to buy it and follow my own challenge prepared my thought process for receiving this email.
I'll let you know how this all develops. Remember, stay open to the universe the goddess is working all the time for us.

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  1. Yes, Bea, the universe is open to all. I experienced something similar not too long ago and blogged about it also. Things happen for a reason. Sometimes they connect right away and other times they wait until just the right moment. What a wonderful experience you're all going to share.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!