Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still writing

Aren't these the strangest things? They are called "knees" and they are part of the root system for the Cyprus Cedars. When the ground floods they allow air to get down to the main root system. Ok, enough with the real reason for their being.

I've been plugging away at my writing project. So far my attitude has been that it's like any other thing you want to learn to do, you practice, practice and more practice. So, I write every day. I don't often get more than a couple of paragraphs done but I have found that the more I write the more ideas come.

Isn't that wonderful how that happens. Once you turn on that part of your brain it just has so much fun.

So, I'm riding around with hubby while he plays a round of golf. My job is to take pictures of whatever interests me and occasionally drive the cart around to pick him up when he's finished with a hole. Having control of the cart is fun.

Along the course, were these stands of Cedars. There is no underbrush and just hundreds of these "knees" grouped together in little clumps. I was walking through one stand and looking at the Spanish moss hanging down from the cedars and some of it almost touching the ground and I thought how it looked like witches hair. That got me thinking about how the knees looked like little elves frozen in time.

Sounds like a fairy tale in the making doesn't it?

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