Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowy Saturday

Isn't this beautiful? My daughter made it when she was down in Chile for six month during her junior year of high school. It's glass paint on a pane of glass. It sits in my bedroom window, another one of the wonderful things that I wake up to and see and SMILE.
BTW, someone asked me about the picture on my heading of the blog. It's a wonderful picture I found in that book I was telling you about, Grids to Stitch.
It's snowing again today. We had our breather, the old snow was melting, grass was beginning to show through but now we are getting up to 4-6 inches of more beautiful white stuff.
I have to trudge outside and hang this beautiful red yarn ball decoration I picked up at Farm & Fleet in the Christmas isle. I think it will make a great picture with all this snow and then is beautiful bright red ball hanging from the plum tree. Trouble is I really don't want to trudge out there. I just want to sit inside, next to the fireplace and eat mini Mounds Bars.
I haven't heard back from the lady that works with the Hmong women. These things take time. When it's the right time it will all fall into place.
John and I start a new puzzle today. This makes our third this winter. We only work on Charles Wysocki's puzzles. That's my call. I like the colors, the patterns and shapes of the pieces. I think I mentioned this before but I like to work on a puzzle from the upside down side. A friend once told me that's because I'm really just looking at the patterns not the design. Well, whatever it is, it works for us. The last puzzle had gorgeous periwinkle blue sky, I loved it. This next one has a yellow sky. Works for me too. I'm a happy puzzler. Is that a word? lol
So what ever you are doing today I hope you are having a wonderful day.
Take time to create something, your soul will sing with joy.

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