Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reading material

This is a picture of something that makes me smile, a stack of new books from the Library.
I have never tired of going to the Library. As soon as I was old enough to cross the street near my home I was allowed to go to the Library. I would spend my mornings curled up in the window seat of the children's room, reading The Boxcar Twins or Raggedy Ann & Andy. If I was lucky the Library cat would cuddle up with me.
I worked my way through high school in the local Library of another town. I shelved books, learned authors names, cleaned LP's and spent some time with my friend Morty, who worked in the children's section, he would tell me about the latest first edition children's book he had just bought. Since he was my age I wonder what his collection is worth today?
I was on a hunt today for the book Suzi is suggesting we read, In A Night Garden. My local Library didn't have a copy but one in the next town over did. On my way over to that town I passed by Barnes & Noble so I thought I would stop in and grab my chi latte and see if they had the book. I had a 15% off coupon for a book just burning a whole in my pocket, you know how that goes, right? Didn't find the book, in fact the guy at the desk told me that there wasn't a copy in all of southwestern Wisconsin. hmmmm
I did find a DoverPictura of Borders & Frames with a CD inside that was just screaming my name, BEABUYMEBEABUYME!
Of course, I had to pass by the half price table and it was full of children's books. Now, remember me telling you this morning about needing to write a fairy tale? Well for $2.00 I got The Macmillan Book of 366 Bedtime Fairy Tales. And, for a dollar more, The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales. I can excuse myself because I have grandchildren, right? Then, of course, another copy of Shel Silverstein's, Where The Sidewalk Ends ended up in my basket. They make me laugh and like greeting cards that do the same I have a rule to buy that which makes me laugh.
I figure if I ever get really sick I'll just have somebody pull out my laugh box and they can cheer me up with whatever I've put in there.
So, back to the basket..........Now, I lived thought the Vietnam War. I still to this day have not seen any movie about the War. I even protested going to see Nixon/Frost movie. I did put, IN MY BASKET, the DK Publishing's Eyewitness Book about the Vietnam War. It's time I look at the "facts" through older eyes and I'm still following my own challenge to do something out of my comfort zone every day. Trust me, this book is.
When I leave the bookstore I have to drive by the Half-Price Bookstore and I have this personal philosophy that if I have spent some money at the BIG BOX store I need to spread some around for the little guy so they stay in business because I LOVE my Half Price Bookstore.
They didn't have the book I was looking for either so I still had to make a drive but in the meantime since I'm here and if you put me in a bookstore.........you know how that story goes, right?
I found a big beautiful book about The Tarot. Wasn't even looking for one.
I did unearth my deck of Tarot cards, of which I know nothing about BTW, when I was organizing the studio. I think I once belonged to a Yahoo group that was making the cards. Anyway, I was still wandering around, clutching my Tarot book when I backed into a display and The Sacred Path Workbook fell off the shelf. Honest, I was looking at the cookbooks when it happened. The Sacred Path Workbook is a deck of Native American Tarot type cards, half price..................it's a bargain.............sigh......I know, I have to clear out some current books on my shelves and donate them to the Library. FULL CIRCLE
So, the theme I am seeing and believe me I'm getting quicker at seeing these things, is archetypes. They appear in fairy tales, tarot cards, Native American cards and in the story I need to put to paper. My collective unconscious is sending me signals, signs, seed thoughts?
Sometimes seeing the theme doesn't mean I get it, you know? It just means I'm working on it. I once did a set of SoulCollage cards. They were really quite interesting. While I was doing the artwork I really had no idea which archetype I was working on. I may have thought of one when I started but by the time I had finished the card it had a completely different meaning that was surprisingly clear to me.

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