Monday, February 16, 2009

A Place To Bark

I can't think of anybody that I know that works HARDER for animals then Bernie and her husband Jeff. This is a current video of the shelter that they are trying to get finished. Grant money has run out, their food source is about to dry up.
Her blog is to the right under my favorite blogs.
Here's what I am going to do maybe you might want to do it too. I have a cup, in my laundry room where I throw odd change that comes through the wash. I also toss change that I find in the sofa in that cup. It always amazes me when I take out the lint and pet hair and take the change to the bank and they sort and count it for me and I end up with something like $15.00 or more.
I normally consider that my fat quarter money or my buy another paint brush money. Well, this year it's going to A PLACE TO BARK.
True, it's not a lot of money but I bet if all my readers did something like that and sent off a check to Bernie it would make a difference.
I've heard some of the rescue stories from her. It would break your heart, BREAK IT, if you knew what some of these dogs had lived through.
Here's somebody that is making a difference. Somebody that cares.
Frankly, I don't need another fat quarter or a paint brush but I do know that I need to reach out and help somebody that's doing a GOOD THING.

So, remember it's good Karma and see if you can find some change or what's even easier!!! Go to this link and you can make a PAYPAL donation. Just click a button. How easy is that? And, you can wear that feel good smile for the rest of the day. You did good, friend.

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