Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday morning, what a beautiful day!

Murphy is in puppy day care today. Since he missed all last week he was so excited to get there and see his buddies. It's hard when they don't even look back when they trot off.
Today's my day to run errands for this week. I managed to squeeze in a trip to the hardware store before I came home for lunch.
OH MY GOODNESS THE BLUEBIRDS ARE HERE!!!!!!!! I'm looking out the computer room window and there are four bluebirds, two males and two females checking out the bluebird house that they always nest in.
Sorry, but I didn't expect them until March. I'm so excited to see them.
Oh, this is too much the I'm looking at two male Goldfinches on the birdfeeder! This just seems way to soon for these birds to have arrived back here. Maybe Old Jimmy was wrong about how much longer we have until spring, you think?
Ok, back to the hardware store. I found some lightweight spackling. I want to apply it to a canvas to get a certain old world texture look to the canvas.
You can imprint a stencil into the spackling and I thought the bottom of the Plant, pot, protector pad might be cool to imprint in the wet spackling.
I also strolled by a bin of quick snap gutter screens. I think I'm going to ask John to cut this into thirds for me. It will certainly hold up better to use as a stencil in the spackling than the little strips of ribbon waste I use in my collages.
Ever since my sculpture class with Stephanie I'm always on the lookout for interesting shapes, beaks, wings, etc. that I can make a mold with the air dry clay and then use the mold in my sculpture work. The garden center area is a treasure trove of stuff. I found these metal garden stakes of the sun, moon and star that I can add to my collection. I'm still thinking about those outdoor sculpture shrines I want to make for my Meditation Walk.
And, the nicest find was in the paint/paper isle. FREE and you gotta love free stuff.... They have a little plastic pocket next to the wallpaper sample with a sample oblong of the wallpaper. This just a picture of some of the ones that I picked up. There were a number of them with a wonderful texture on them, all great for using on a canvas collage. That dark brown one is actually a metallic leather looking one. Very cool.
After lunch I have to go grocery shopping. Not something I really enjoy but necessary to do. Tonight is Murphy's second Puppy Training 101 class. The key instruction is going to be learning how to sit. Murphy has that down pat, says the proud Mama. He can sit and stay. He's so smart! lol
Ok, think sunny thoughts where ever you live. The Purple Finches are now on my birdfeeder. I'm getting excited about spring coming. Have a great day and try to create something, it's good for your soul.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Spring? You're such a tease.


  2. Anonymous9:40 AM