Friday, February 20, 2009

Making a funky spine for your art journal book.

Lots of pictures but I wanted you to see most of the steps in making a funky spine for your art or life journals, using the water solvable material. Remember you can use any type of grid to make the spine but you have to be able to slide the edges into the front and back of your journal cover and if something is to rigid you need to sew something on the sides like stiff interfacing so your can attach the spine to the journal.
I laid out some yarn and then sewed a wide grid on top of the yarn and the Solvy. It doesn't hurt your machine or needle to go through the Solvy material. Remember when it dissolves there has to be some stitching to hold all the yarn and decorations together. I made rows in one direction then turned it sideways and made rows crossing the original rows. A GRID! :)
Now some pictures about soaking the grid and yarns in some warm water. You don't need much it disappears very fast. I saved the "goopy water" to use as a glue at some other time.
When I am finished sewing a project I sew the scraps from that project on 2 1/2" strips of muslin. I use these strips for different projects, doll making and now a spine. I picked a bright colored one because I wanted to use a variety of bright colored yarns. You could just use a plain piece of fabric.
The width and length of the spine has to match the covers of your art journal. I always add an extra 4" because that's what Traci suggested in the workshop. Better to have extra that you can trim then be short.
I sewed two strips, of fabric, 4 1/2" wide to each side of my 2 1/2" fabric strip. I am going to be gluing them down so I don't need stiff side pieces.
If I was sliding them into a fabric journal I would use an interfacing to make it easier to slide the pieces in between the two pieces of the cover and the backing.
The two pictures of the spine with the different yarns I am tying on is to show you how it looks to work with the grid. You just tie yarn and embellishments threads onto the grid. When the spine will be on the journal everything will fall together and it gives a very full and playful look to your journal.
I found these buttons at the sewing store. They are big, bright and colorful and great to use. I also tied on some beads. I'll be adding more colorful yarn and maybe some thin fabric strips, bells, game pieces, who knows what will end up tied onto that spine.
Remember, this is just one option for creating a spine for your book whatever type of book it is. Have fun. Let your playful self have some fun.
Any questions I'll be happy to try to answer them.

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