Monday, February 02, 2009

Here's an interesting challenge!

Under my favorite blog listing you will see one for Take a moment and click it and check out Week three BRAIN FOODS and the challenge.
These days I'm really more interested in keeping my brain active rather than worrying about how thin I look. By all tables and standards I'm overweight. I look at pictures of my female ancestors and they all look, a lot, like me. So, I consider that perhaps we are more "traditionally built women".
With my recent four surgeries I underwent a number of tests just to prove to the doctors that I was healthy enough for surgery. Results: I'm healthy. So, instead of worrying about losing my body fat this year I'm starting off my TWENTY SUMMERS thinking about feeding my brain better.
I know that whatever end result happens is going to be good for my brain and my body. I mean it's a WIN WIN situation.
There is a lot of medical information in her article. Take the time to read it and see what you think. You might actually be eating well for your brain, already, you smarty, you.

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