Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good morning Earth Mother's children!

Good morning! When I woke up this morning and looked out the window everything was covered in white again. It won't last so it doesn't bother me as much as when we get snow in October or November. Then my eyes moved to my table by my chair and there sits this wonderful pink box. The lid is covered with silk roses. I just love looking at that box, especially on a snowy morning. It's a bright spot of color.
Next is a cover from a Ray Bradbury book, Summer Morning, Summer Night. The illustration was done by Vincent Chong. I just love that picture. I think I will google his name and see if he has a website with more of his artwork.
When I was in Florida I gave my mother a box of chocolates for Valentine's day. It didn't take her long to finish it off, with a little help from her friends. She throws everything away, having little room in her assisted living facility . I retrieved the heart shaped box, out of the trash and was pleased to see that the candy insert had a series of pattern designs on it.
Yesterday, I found my tub of Crayola AirDry Clay. I originally got it at Shopko but you could easily find it at any craft store. You need to just take off a chunk of clay and then knead it well. I then rolled it out into a log shape and cut off about 1/2inch pieces and pressed them into the molds.
I did spray the mold lightly with Pam cooking spray. I probably didn't have to do that but I wanted to make sure they would come out with all the design elements intact. This morning they all just popped out. I wiped them off and they are continuing to dry.
I'll need to sand down the back side to get it a little flatter so I can glue them on a project. When they are dry I will give them all a coat of white gesso and then put them aside for the sculpture shrines I plan to start making this spring.
I'm planning to make some buttons later today. This stuff is fun to work with.
I started In The Night Garden last night and frankly I had a hard time putting it down. I like science fiction, heck I like most any book. This is found in the science fiction section but it's more of an allegorical fantasy.
Suzi's challenge is to create art work from something in the chapters that we are reading until March 1st. That isn't going to be hard to do because the book is so rich in detail and images.
And, last, dear Laney, I am finally get through my To Do List on my computer desk and I came across your wonderful envelope filled with tea tags. Thank Aly for me for sharing her stash. They are wonderful and apparently came from a tea company called GH Ford. The graphics on them are wonderful.
I hope you all have a wonderful creative day. I would wish for you to find the place within yourself that releases regret and fosters no losses and that you remember that you are the Earth Mother's child and a reflection of her joy.

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