Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, Feb. 20, 2009

The top pictures are of my journal pages for the book I am reading, In The Night Garden. The book is full of wonderful stories and images so I suspect that I won't be stopping at just this spread. If you click on the picture you can see more of the detail and perhaps some of the words.
The third picture is a picture of one of Traci Bautista's Funky Journals.
I wanted you to see what the spine of her book looks like. Very full and playful.
I bought myself a deck of Spirit of the Wheel Meditation cards. They are similar to the Sacred Path cards. I love the illustrations by Jody Bergsma and after I saw the cards I decided that my time is very valuable right now and I liked her paintings so why invent the wheel, again.
This morning I shuffled the cards a number of times then did my meditation and prayer healing list. When I was done I drew out a card and today it's The Great Star Nation which is very interesting. It says, "If the Great Mystery has spoken to you through the cards today, rejoice, for Creation is at work in your life. Be grateful for the blessings of life, breath, health and abundance."
It goes on with two pages of information and I won't bore you with all of that. I thought the above message was one that all of us can use, whether you drew the card or not.
Last night the coyotes were prowling around the house. Murphy heard them first and jumped up into John's arms just shaking. They were barking and howling. When it's off in the distance it's one thing. When it's right next to your home it send shivers up your spine.
The deer have been moving through the woods and yard. Yesterday, I watched a herd of over 12 combing the cut corn field in the back of the house. Now that most of the heavy snow cover has melted they are able to find more food. Perhaps they will stop eating my pine trees.
A pair of Purple Finches were checking out my Christmas wreath still hanging on the front porch. I guess I better take it down today and put up the grapevine spring one. They always seem to like that one to build a nest in. It seems a little early for this kind of behavior, but then again Purple Finches aren't the sharpest crayons in the box.
I'll leave you with these thoughts from the Great Mystery card.
"The future is always bright for those you TRUST who they are and their ability to create in the present. In feeding the positive ideas we create positive results."
Create with joy today, Earth Children.

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