Thursday, February 26, 2009

First thunderstorm of the year.

It's been pouring off and on almost all day. By afternoon we could hear rumbling off in the distance. Murphy looked concerned and since this was his first thunderstorm I decided to play it safe and put him in the laundry room, with a full Kung and do a load of wash. The sound of the washing machine dulls the sound of thunder or so I hoped.
It didn't so we ended up taking a kinda of nap.
At least he didn't shake from head to toe like one of our older dogs used to. Sophie would let us know it was going to rain, WITH THUNDER, long before it would start by pushing herself under what ever cabinet she could find. If she couldn't find a cabinet she would hide under the bed and shake.
I did clean out my sewing machine bobbin area, sewed a ribbon of dangly stars to the top of the lace, on the art doll so it's been a productive day, art wise.
I did run some quick errands this morning before the weather could make up it's mind about what it was going to do.
The temperatures are supposed to start dropping making the roads an ice skating rink by rush hour. John is teaching at the University tonight which means he has a very slippery walk UP HILL to the building.

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