Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Beannabeannaodanna

Dear Beannabeannaodanna,
My husband tells me funny stories in the morning and makes me cough.
Coughing hurts my side.
Can I get a divorce from him for stitch-in-the-side cruelty?
Dear Hackingsomething,
Did you ever have one of those lumps in the back of your throat and you hack and hack and nothing comes up, not even a fur ball?
I declared this my TURN FOR THE BETTER DAY!
Nothing says you are going to get better than a positive attitude, right?
We are getting another snowstorm this afternoon. So much for the melting snow and warmer temperatures. I need to get into my LAUGH BOX and have a few chuckles. I need more laughter to cure this cough. More snow isn't going to do it for me. Oh, before I forget I wanted to post this link for all you: Dollmaking Journey So very interesting things to look at on this link.
When my friend called me yesterday to check about the Art Quilt group outing she told me that the woman I had sent the email to about the Hmong women was overloaded with work. That's probably why she hasn't responded to my offer of supplies and teaching. We talked some more and then we agreed that a Healing doll class might really go over well with these Hmong women. Apparently, some of them are in very tough mental places with this PTS. Since Shamanism is important in their culture perhaps making their own healing dolls would be beneficial. I would certainly love to try to offer them the supplies and patterns if they are interested.
In one of the Yahoo groups, Letterheads, when I was an active member, we had some very interesting art doll swaps. I received some amazing art dolls from some very talented artists in the group. If any are reading I just want you to know that your art dolls are proudly displayed in my home.
I think one of the best art doll swaps we had was the one based on the Native American names for the full moon months. My daughter still bugs me about doing mine again so that she has a full collection. This from the 26 year old that never played with dolls.
Ok, I'm off to take the screw out of the feed dog plate. Now, who knew sewers had their own language. Then I will clean out the lint and thread and get back to working on the dress for the art doll for my daughter.
I'll probably start painting the body so that I can write on it later. I am thinking of writing all sorts of good thoughts and words for the mother-to-be on the body of the doll. It will be hidden by the clothing but I know it will be there, like a hidden story.

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