Monday, February 16, 2009


I thought I would try something different this morning. I clicked on my pictures and since they all come up as numbers I have no idea what the actual picture is until I go back into my Documents and check it out.

This time I just picked a number at random to see what I would get. You're lucky, it's not a blurry unfocused picture! One of my cameras is giving me fits when I try to zoom in on something. We fight about what is supposed to focus on. I've had it in to be fixed once before but apparently it didn't take.

Anyway, this is a gentleman who was playing the most wonderful jazz music on the pier at Clearwater Beach. After the sun set and we walked back up the pier where he was playing and we sat and listened. We had the time. No where to be, nothing to do, nobody distracting us for our attention, just time to sit and enjoy.

I understand that most of us don't have that luxury. We are multitasking up the wahoo. We're told to make time for ourselves so we can be better at whatever else it is we are trying to do. We are juggling so fast we can't even see the pins spinning in the air, we are just trying to keep our eye on the one in our hand. We're tired. You are tired.

The juggling is something most of us have to do. There are responsibilities, duties and so on. It's taking it's toll, folks. It's taking a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health but it's taking a bigger toll on our spiritual self. I'm not talking about organized religion here.

The pace, the stress of our lives leaves little time or none at all for anything creative, for most of us. I truly believe, in fact it's one of my fundamental beliefs that creating is the expression of the soul. When the soul begins to be buried by layers of this emotional technological society it finds it harder and harder to surface. When our soul can't express itself you can take my word for it that the other layers of our being are going to suffer, our health, our emotional well being and our physical presence. It's all connected.

Nobody talks about this. You certainly don't hear it in school or most churches. The SOUL is who we are. It gets covered from childhood on up with layers and layers of beliefs that aren't necessarily ours. Those tapes run through our brains making us believe that's what is important. Only a few lucky individuals have a tape that tells them to create, create and express themselves.

I'm going to suggest that you take a moment and think about doing one thing today for your soul's expression.

What's the most beautiful music you have in your collection? The one that brings tears of joy to your eyes? The one that when you sing along with and feel empowered, happy and joyful? Put that CD or however you listen to your music on, while you are doing your chores or driving in your car or exercising.

Grab a sketchbook or some computer paper out of the printer and some crayons, or colored pencils or for goodness sake a #2 pencil, if that's all you can find and put it on the table where you are going to eat your next meal. When you eat or drink your coffee, STOP doing whatever else it was you do and doodle, color, this isn't fine art just DOODLE.

Charge that camera, bring it with you everywhere and challenge yourself to take one picture a day. You can certainly take more but what if you could only take one? You might find that you are LOOKING around you more than you had before. Maybe it's a picture of a co-worker laughing, maybe it's a picture of a sign or billboard that makes you shake your head or smile.

If pass by a musician on your way to work STOP and listen. You will still get where you are going. The person is giving you a gift. Sure, they appreciate the money you drop in the case or hat but they are still playing for the joy of it.

Yes, this is long. There's a reason. I'm very concerned about this issue. Doing something creative, in some form, is as important to our being as eating and breathing. Creative thinking, creative doing are the ways problems are going to be solved. It's what makes us reach as human beings.

Logic, facts, rules all are important for they show us how to get to the goal. Creativity can show us the goals. Because, if our true essence is the soul and it's trying to express itself, for our growth as human beings, don't you think we should use the outward expressions of the soul, like our mental, emotional and physical states, to do just that?

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