Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

It's one of those days that starts off bright and everything is coated with frost and the snow sparkles and the sky is turning bright blue and you wonder why you disliked winter so much.
I dropped Murphy off at puppy day care. He was quite willing to just turn his back on me and trot off to see his four footed friends. I admit, I'm probably pretty boring to a puppy.
I had my camera with me so I decided to take some of the back roads and see what photo opportunities there were. I'm thinking that maybe next year's calendar will feature seasonal pictures from around my area.
My oldest son and his Dad took some fantastic pictures of the Grand Canyon and I'm having a CD made so I can download those pictures.
Apparently, the 4gb chip I bought for my camera is too much for my computer to even process. I made a trip to Best Buy and a helpful camera guy told me that the pictures were on the chip and probably because of the age of my computer it wasn't loading them. My computer is four years old. sigh..........Isn't that something that four years old is OLD? Anyway, I could spend time looking for the attachment that came with my camera and load the pictures that way or just pop in at Walgreens and let them make the CD's and I can mail off copies to both kids and keep one for myself.
Picasa isn't responding these days. I may have to find a new download and put that into the computer. So much time eating stuff to do with the computer, you know? But, I have to admit it is so much fun to edit pictures in these programs.

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