Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on Murphy

I caught this photo of him while he was helping me in the studio. I see he has a piece of fabric or dust bunny attached to his chin. lol His eyes are like black buttons, apparently, he doesn't get red eye from the flash but green eye!

He's now up to 10 pounds and quite the charmer. And, yes those long black hairs like things coming out from his eyes are his eye lashes. Eat your hearts out models.
The other picture is of my "sous chef" helping me in the kitchen. He watched me make homemade vegetable soup and then just fell asleep.
I think he likes the cooking part where it's done, served and he gets to lick the bowl.
We are going to the airport this afternoon to pick up my husband. He's been hiking down in the Grand Canyon for the past four days. I get to take Murphy inside the airport. It seems to be the one place nobody seems to get upset when people bring their dogs inside. Probably one of the last places.

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  1. Oh, my god, is he precious. No wonder you couldn't resist him. Another dog I can't wait to see is my friend Theresa's shibino (I think that's the name). It's a century's old breed from Japan that looks like a fox.