Friday, January 09, 2009

January 9, 2009 Attitude Adjustment Day

I needed a picture from a wonderful summer day, how about you? Nine more inches of snow fell today and I decided that I needed an Attitude Adjustment Day. I needed to fondle fabric, BRIGHT COLORFUL fabric.
I'm waiting for the week when the boys and their Pa go out to the Grand Canyon to hike down and stay a spell. While they are gone, Murphy and I are pulling EVERYTHING that is out of place out of the sewing studio and putting it in order. In the meantime I'm folding and refolding fabric, washing anything that managed to slip by me. When I do get to working with my fabric I don't want to have to stop and wash, dry and press a piece just to use it.
I saw a beautiful redwork quilt on a tv show. All the red embroidery floss had run into the white fabric. The quilt was special because of it's age but it was sad to see that the color had run. I think our embroidery floss is more stable these days. I haven't noticed a problem with things that I have embroidered and washed.
I once finished a healing quilt for a young man in the hospital, washed it, only to have the red flannel on the backing bleed through to the quilt top.
I had washed that flannel too. I never used red again. Too much work goes into a quilt top to have that happen.
I feel much better having taken a break from some of my art projects. Just getting a little distance from them helps put everything back in proper perspective.
A special thank you to those of you that stopped by yesterday, read and then sent me emails with hugs. Your understanding is appreciated. Hugs are always appreciated.

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