Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan. 10 2009

I was going through my photographs of textures and came across this one. I remember taking it when I was down in Florida.
I loved the colors, the texture and even when I was taking the picture I remember thinking that it would make a really interesting photo/fabric art quilt.
The edges of the photograph, printed out on fabric, could be done with lots of different techniques.
I was mulling about this when later I was walking by the chest of drawers outside my sewing studio and saw some bamboo sticks sticking out of a basket. Hmmmm, those might look neat added to that art quilt.
I printed out the photo just to study on it some more and the more I looked the more ideas came to me. What if I did some fusing of yarn.............felt or wool pieces...............I certainly had these colors............what about real twigs?
The only drawback to all this creative thinking is the fact that I simply can't work in my studio. I can barely get in there. The goat path has been trashed by a 6 pound puppy that uses that room as a turn around when he "thinks" he's being chased by the orange tabby.
So, I'm collecting notes to myself on backs of old envelopes about what might work on this piece and what I need to look for when I do start cleaning out the studio. I've put everything including the photo in a plastic dishpan sigh, that was also sitting empty on the chest of drawers. I don't even want to think of why it was there.
I am so frustrated by having the ideas, having the materials and not being able to either get to them or find them. I am motivated. I will have the time and space to get this done, starting this Tuesday. I have a week to get it done.
As Bullwinkle said, "This time for sure."

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  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Time is the most important commodity, and it's the one thing I can't make more of. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!