Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's all down hill from there.

I like this photo of me at the highest point at Machu Pichu, Peru. I did it. I climbed up and around the ruins for three hours and I did it.
About five years ago I had pretty much given up any hope of doing any climbing or hiking given the sad state of my knees.
I love my new replacement knees. I love the fact that I climbed around, I may have huffed and puffed but that's another matter.
My husband looked at this picture, this morning and said, "It's all down hill from there." He's so funny and so wrong.
Last year I climbed up part of a mountain. What wonderful things lie ahead of me this year? Just looking forward to each day is exciting. Having a puppy around brings out that sense of wonderment. Every day seems to be a new adventure for him. His confidence grows as he masters things like going up and down steps, finding a human when playing hide and seek or getting a treat after learning a new skill.
By the way, I'm still doing my writing exercises. I've found the afternoon block of time seems to suit Murphy's schedule. He and Louie usually take a nap in the late afternoon. I have to remind myself to just write and not stop and analyze what has been written. I have to teach myself to leave that for later.

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