Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It can take your breath away!

I was driving the back road today going to my Art Quilt meeting when a Bald Eagle flew in front of my car, landing in a nearby tree. I don't usually see Bald Eagles. We have them in Wisconsin and not that far away from where I live you can drive and watch them feeding along the Wisconsin River.
I live near lakes and streams so I was very surprised to see this gorgeous bird. The wing span is huge. The white head and black body are difficult to miss. The eagle had landed in a tree that was part of the tree line to the horse farm where my granddaughter had her riding lessons this summer.
There were six horses that had just been released into the fenced in area and it was hard to keep my eyes on the eagle when these horses were running around. Both were such wonderful eye candy in the middle of winter.
I was so excited about the Eagle that I turned my car around and drove back down the road to slowly stop by a woman walking her two dogs. I had to tell somebody, I told her. I was so excited. She was so sweet. She said she thought she had seen the eagle but hadn't gotten a good look so wasn't sure if it wasn't a big hawk. I told her where to look for it, in the tree line.
I turned my car around again and drove to my meeting.
The only disappointing thing about the whole experience was that I tried to take a couple of pictures of the Eagle but my camera just wouldn't zoom in as close as I wanted. So, I do have a picture of a large bird in a mess of branches but it would be a real stretch for anybody to say, HEY, that's a Bald Eagle.
I love my little digital Canon camera but today it disappointed me. Well, for a little while. It did help me take some wonderful snow person shots!

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  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    How cool is that! We have eagles along the Hudson. I've seen them in the fields nearby, and everytime they take my breath away.