Friday, January 02, 2009

DAY TWO of 2009

I'm actually off to a great start this year. I didn't for once in my life sit down and make a long list of things I wanted to get done. I'm just going to wing it this year.
I've decided if it's something I want to get done, I'll do it. I pulled together the calendars and book for Christmas, at the last minute. I thought about it for about a month or two but thought maybe it was me being out there to much. Maybe the kids would think I was bragging or showing off. The response has been just the opposite. They are delighted, amazed, pleased and extremely supportive of my efforts.
This leads me to believe that the biggest problem with me getting things done is the GIANT NEGATIVE VOICE inside my head. The one that tells me, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? The one that is so eager to pop a balloon idea. Well, news flash giant negative voice. For 2009 I'm not listening. Nope, I have my hands over my inner ears.
A dear friend of mine told me that her motto for this year was BALLS OUT!
I love it. That's the way to do it. Yeah, we might fall on our face. We might not hit the mark but honestly I've been saying this for nigh on to 40 years.........IT'S THE JOURNEY that's the most important thing.
I stopped in at Barnes & Noble this morning to return two books that John had received for Christmas and already had. There isn't any way that I can just go in a bookstore and turn right around and go back out so of course I browsed. I just wandered up and down isles. I ran my hand along the books on shelves and when one finally nabbed my fingers I stopped to see what it was. Book in a Month by Victoria Schmidt.
That same dear friend has been urging me to write. She loves the short bits that I had written about the volunteer record keeper of Zetti Corkey's journals and notes. She tells me that I'm a storyteller and I need to develop this art form. She may be right. She may be wrong. I certainly won't know until I actually give it a serious shot.
Victoria has a free yahoo site. I joined. It's a support group for want to be writers. She assures me that there are many people just like myself than can write if they are given support, guidelines and help. I like that idea.
This doesn't mean I'm putting away all my other interests.
It means that because I WANT to do this and I WANT to paint and quilt and work on my mixed media projects I will make the time. I will stop wasting time and just do it. I don't need to make a list to remind me to do this. I'm motivated and that's the key.
So, I made a 3x5 card that sits next to the computer and it says, WHAT IF?
For this month that's all the reminder I need.

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  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    "What would you do if you knew you could not fail" worked very well for me when I started my business.

    I think your friend is right, you are a story teller. Remember the Plant Lady on AOL? You had me spell bound.