Saturday, January 03, 2009

Day Three

The picture is from Peru. I though some of us enduring the snowy winter needed something bright and beautiful to gaze upon. The day we arrived in Lima there was a big flower market display in the nearby park. Many vendors had brought beautiful flowers, seeds and growing information for people to see.
While I was doing my running laps in the pool yesterday I used the time to mull over different writing themes. One did stick in my head and I found myself doing a rough outline in my head. My swim time was up before I realized it.
I came home and sat right down at the computer and typed in two pages to the start of a story. I'm actually enjoying the process and the story.
Today, Murphy and I filled all the bird feeders. Yesterday I had five turkeys hanging around the back porch eating the seed that had dropped from the feeders.
I see lots of deer tracks in the snow. Last night when I was taking Murphy out for his last potty trip I could hear the coyotes in the distance. I told Murphy to make it fast.
On another topic, I explained to John, this morning at coffee, how I was going to need his help for me to make a duct tape form of my body. I patiently waited until he stopped laughing and wiped up the coffee he had spit out on the table. Then I explained that a larger sewing form would cost him big bucks, that got his attention. The duct tape is wrapped around my body over a large t-shirt. You cut the back to get out of it, sew and tape it back together, put in a hanger and stuff it. Then you have an exact model of your body that makes it easier for making adjustments when sewing clothing. I suspect we both will reduced to giggles when working on this project. I have the t-shirt just need a couple of big rolls of duct tape.

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  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Duct tape? Sounds kinky to me.