Friday, December 26, 2008

Two new Mixed Media books. Exhibition 36: Books I checked out this one at Barnes and Knoble this morning while I was having my Chi latte, here's to you Shar. It's a well put together mixed media book by Susan Tuttle featuring a number of well known current mixed media artists. It's rich in detail, stories, how to do's. It's a book to enjoy over a nice cuppa something. There is actually so much packed into this book that owning it is, in my opinion, worthwhile.

The second book I took a look at was Bookbinding by Josep Cambras. He offers some very clear directions on making painted papers, journals, boxes, protective cases, how to create different spines, etc. If you are into making your own journals and books and you don't have a clear step by step illustrated book, this might be the one to consider.

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