Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Absolutely beautiful!!

I bought my own Christmas gift this year knowing, in advance, that my husband didn't have a clue what to get me. I even let him open it so one of us would be surprised.
Apparently, he felt bad about that. He shouldn't I got exactly what I wanted a beautiful portable easel.
I had brought my old breadboard he had made for me, down to his workshop for it's six month sanding. I told him that it was starting to look a little raggedy around the edges and maybe needed some gluing.
For a couple of days he spent all his spare time in his workshop. He claimed to be working on glass doors for a wall cabinet he was building in the family room. I was instructed to keep Murphy out because of the saw dust. When he finally emerged from the shop he presented me with this beautiful brand new hand crafted cutting board out of walnut, from a tree from our old home and cherry wood.
It's beautiful. I almost don't want to use it to cut up my veggies, but I will.
It sits next to my stove waiting to be of use.
So, Christmas 2008 my husband did come through with a gift. A beautiful hand crafted made with love gift, for me. Well done, John, well done.

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