Friday, November 07, 2008

Zentangle - Say What?

What is Zentangle? Something "new" has come across my work desk. An old friend from my old Yahoo Letterhood group told me that they were having a Zentangle challenge. I had never heard of this. Went to the site and oooooooooooh there's my doodles from Biology Class 101.
When my oldest son, Justin was in elementary school we used to watch a program on PBS called Draw Squad with Mark Kistler. He actually wrote a book showing kids how easy it was to draw. I loved his positive attitude and his ability to make even older folks, not just feel, but KNOW that they could draw. These Zentangles remind me of the detailed but fun drawings he had kids try.
If you work with kids and art and you are looking for inspiration, motivation and helpful suggestions, I bet you can still find his book at
As far as Zentangles? Well, I still do them when I'm on hold on the phone, just take a look at the back of my telephone book. Say, I bet I could cut that up and make it into a postcard and send it to my Letterhead friend.

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  1. How amazing! I'm a bit befuddled by Zentangles. I looked it up but still don't really understand.