Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

I've been back from Peru for over a week now and have been nursing the tail end of a bad cold. I've just started to sort my pictures from my trip all six hundred and some, into web albums. Looking at the photos helps me process how much I saw, experienced and participated in while in Peru for two weeks.

Despite the lingering cold I did tackle some projects that I had left undone before I left. I took my computer tower into the Geek squad to have them clean it out, it had an embarassing amount of dust inside, fix the fan, I had been ignoring the warning that the fan was broken and put on some new spyware, also something I had let slide for the past year.

I had my husband clean the coils of the refrigerator but even that didn't save us from having to buy a new one.

I moved a larger bookcase next to my computer table and organized all my art books on it. What didn't fit got donated to the local library. If I buy another one I'm going to have to find another book to donate to them.

It's cold, trying to snow and mother nature is just reminding me that my days outside enjoying what's left of the color are limited.

I feel the urge to keep cleaning up the clutter, moving some of it out of the house and just getting ready for winter.

In about three or four weeks we will be adding a new addition to our family. His picture is at the top of the page. Right now he's only three weeks old and fits pretty much in the palm of my hand. Names have been flying around the house with emails from the children and grandchildren on their favorite name. So far Bertie has moved to the top spot. But who knows, yesterday it was Harry.
When I finish cleaning up the mess of books, magazines and endless piles of paper that I've stacked on the floor, around the computer table I'll feel better about starting a new coffee table book of my travels to Peru.
The one I did from our trip to New Mexico was a big hit. As soon as I find the picture of that I'll post it. I created that book in Traci's class.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Bertie???? I guess the names do fly fast and furious. He's a cutie no matter what you call him.


  2. The list has been long. I keep reminding everybody that I'm the one that will be training the puppy and I have to have some sort of name that will get his attention and not crack me up whenever I say it. That's why Wookie went by the wayside. :)Bea

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Hey! I like Wookie!