Thursday, September 04, 2008

Too much fun.

I wandered into the studio late last night. There were a hundred tasks I could have done, the biggest being CLEAN UP THE MESS. Instead, I picked up two pieces of fabric, ironed on some double sided fusible web, did a little measuring and then cut them into curvy strips.
I didn't cut all the way through one end because I wanted to weave the strips together.
This is the end product of that experiment.
Close up there is much room for improvement. That's what experimenting is all about.
I like the funky look of the fabric.
I may cut this up for postcards or a fabric page in a journal book or use it as a background for a collage. I like the colors and I like the look.
This is a little short of 12" square.
I went to bed with all sorts of ideas floating around in my head for future projects.
It's cool and rainy today, a good start for fall.
It's time to start bringing in some of my outdoor plants that need to winter in the sun room.
Ah, best to do that in sunshine, right?

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  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    The picture look fabuloso!