Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Short trip down to Galena

John and I took a short day and a half trip down to Galena, Ill. It one of his favorite places to play golf and it used to be one of my favorite places to shop. Sadly, it seems for whatever reason a number of stores have gone or are going out of business. I was surprised at the number that had closed, were advertising that they were closing or selling and the couple that would open by appointment only.
There were a good number of people on the downtown street. I can't say that they were actual shoppers but they were eaters! lol The chocolate shops and the Carmel candy stores were certainly doing a good business.
I did take my camera along for the riding in the golf cart, this morning. We have a system. He drives, I ride until I see things that I need to take a picture of then I drive the cart. We had a good time and I took a bunch of pictures. I seem to be really intrigued with close ups of tree trunks, rocks, sky and the occasional butterfly.
I keep thinking that these pictures are going to come in handy for some art project in the dead of winter. If nothing else they will make beautiful computer welcome screens.

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