Friday, August 15, 2008


I need a butterfly book. These butterflies were floating all around the resort garden. I was wearing a very bright floral print shirt and one even tried to land on me. Beautiful and large and fun to watch.

The name of the organization that is promoting the making of pillowcases is ConKerr Cancer. There web site is:

If you get a chance to stop in at Joann's store take a look at the Sulky section and see if the book Weekend Quilting with Sulky is there. It's a rather thick book with a ton of ideas and projects by Joyce Drexler. There is an excellent chart on page 16 of Sulky threads for machine quilting and free motion. Knowing the right size needle for different threads is really important. Wrong size and you can find yourself becoming very frustrated with broken threads. The book is 176 pages packed with easy to do projects.


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    We used to call those swallowtail butterflies.


  2. That sounds right, thank you so much. Aren't they just beautiful? :)Bea