Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

It's just one of those absolutely gorgeous mornings that I wish I could bottle for the dead of winter. I had two Hummingbirds around my potted plants on the lower deck, this morning. Louie enjoyed watching them as much as I did but probably for the wrong and very different reasons.
Today, we drive up halfway to Minneapolis and pick up my oldest grand child, Hayden, for her first alone visit with us. We are all very excited. My son told her younger brothers that she wouldn't be having any fun because she would be doing homework all week. Let's hope that eases the pain for them.
My Weeping Cherry tree I planted this spring is dead. It seemed to have a rough start after we planted it. The two Crab apple trees we planted at the same time are doing well. We are still in need of a good long steady rain. I've been watering the garden areas but the rest of the grassy areas are looking very brown.
Hayden and I are going to do some craft work while she is here. I'll be posting our projects as the week goes on.

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