Friday, July 25, 2008

Toad in the stone

I was going to put Toad in the Hole but technically he isn't really in a hole. Toad in the Stone sound like a nice Irish pub doesn't it?

I'm so frustrated with Blogger. In my files this pictures is facing the right direction........when I upload it it's not. So, you have to tilt your head to the right, that's right and there you go. Isn't he a beauty? And, no I'm not going to kiss him. I already have a prince in my life and a few princesses. But, I do love the white stripe down his back.

He was very surprised when I moved an empty turned over pot off of him. And, yes I put the pot back over him. He would make a nice meal for the Blue Heron that visited the pond yesterday. He has a better chance under the pot.

The mama deer and her two babies were at the pond again this morning. She's letting them get a little farther away from her these days. She was up at the Moon Goddess munching on some great berry bushes while the twins were playing in the water.
The picture is from the 23rd when they were visiting the yard. The yellow and red metal garden statue is the Moon Goddess. A local Wisconsin artist creates these wonderful metal works and sells them at the local town art fairs. Every year John gives the statue a different color combination of paint. Last year, for some reason, it was the same colors of the Verona Wildcat's football team, blue and orange. shudder I'm much happier with this year's color selection.

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