Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Snuggle quilts for pre-teens

Oh this is just too much fun! I just pinned this up over the other quilt so I could get a quick picture to show you what I am also working on.
I was in my local Joann store the other day and got to talking with this nice young woman about quilts. I told her that I was making these infant quilts for the Children's hospital and that I was going to work on the pre-teen quilts next. I said they would take more fabric but that I was thinking of doing a snuggle quilt instead of a twin bed size.
She told me about the snuggle quilts she has made for her family, boyfriend, his family and once she told me how easy they were I bought some fabric and made this one last Sunday afternoon.
I bought 2 pieces of fleece each 2 yards long. The fleece I found was on sale 50% off so look for specials if you decide to do this. There is NO SEWING involved.
I'm afraid I was rather dense when she was explaining how to do it. I kept asking her soooooooo when do I sew? lol
You put the two pieces together and trim the edges so that they are relatively even. This is a most forgiving project so don't stress. You cut a 4" square out of each corner. That's with both pieces together. I pinned the edges after cutting.
Then you go down each side and cut from the outer edge into the center, 4". This creates the fringe. You tie the two pieces together with a knot. I double knotted it.
You go all around the outside cutting and tying. Then it's done. You've made a nice bright snuggle quilt.
I just know that this is going to be loved by someone. It's bright, cheerful, soft to the touch and the fringe is great to play with. Ask Louie about that.

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