Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pipe Cleaner Dolls

This is a picture of the pipe cleaner doll in my favorite, local quilt shop. I just love her. I made one last night, of course, it's upstairs and I'm downstairs. I'll post a picture of her soon. They are really easy to make.
Just take two pipe cleaners do some twisting for legs and arms, put some fancy threads on the top of the pipe cleaner and make a loop so you can push the threads and the pipe cleaner through a bead, for the head.
The body is wrapped in floral tape first, although I found this a bit of a pain to do. Then scraps of fabric and more embellishment threads are added to the body.
Very easy to make, very colorful and fun to twist into all sorts of positions.
I'm planning on taking the supplies to make the dolls on my mission trip, in October, down to Lima, Peru.
It should be easy and fun for the children and seniors to make them.
I also found out that the ladies of the church would like to learn how to quilt. HOW WONDERFUL! I love the idea of helping anybody learn to quilt.

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