Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Zetti Pets

I have to say when I spotted these cuties in my local Home Depot store I fell in love with them. They remind me of Zetti pets.
They peek out of my garden and just make me smile whenever I walk out there.
They remind me of the Turkey hen that was crossing the back of the yard and was being attacked by the Red Wing Blackbird. She ran into my garden.
At first she wandered around checking out the vegetable boxes and the flowers. Then she wandered up and down the sides peering out between the fence slats.
She really didn't seem to be interested in leaving the garden, at first. I watched her wander to the entrance, look out, look down and spot my ground level water dish, drink some water and completely loose focus on where the entrance was. She drank and turned around and wandered up and down the side of the garden, peering out at the pond.
She must have repeated this routine at least four times before she finally gave up and flew up and over the fence and trotted down to the pond.
The Redwing Blackbird resumed swooping down on her and she held her ground, even took a few running steps toward him. At one point I saw her jump up on my chair that I keep out under the willow tree. "You want a piece of me?" seemed to express her attitude.
Anyway, she's gone but my Zetti pets remain, in their confused state, peering out of the garden to possible freedom or responsibility. I'm not sure if they want to leave or not.

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