Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Spring seems to be running late this year.

Everything seems to be blooming a little behind schedule this year, about two weeks. The lilacs have just finished blooming, oh I do love that smell.
This Robin has finally found a safe place to build her nest. I suspect it's the same Robin that built very low in the bush right next to the garage doors. She didn't seem disturbed by the cars going in and out of the garage.
This year the bush isn't doing so well because of the winter we had. We're waiting to see if new growth develops before we dig it out.
I had purchased a large bush for another part of the yard and put it at the edge of the driveway so I could water it until it got planted. The poor Robin thought it was permanent and built a nest in that bush. I had to move it before she got really attached to it.
Suggestions were made that I slowly move the bush one foot a day around the house so she wouldn't get upset. I'm more of a rip the bandage off in one move kind of person. I thought it wasn't a good place for a home so I moved the bush around to the back of the house.
She decided to rebuild in my flowering vine that is attached to a twig/branch kind of trellis. Excellent spot, well done! As you can see I have easy access for photo opportunities.

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