Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Valley Ridge Art Studio

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend a two day workshop at Valley Ridge Art Studio, located just west of Montfort, Wisconsin.

Here is a picture of the beautiful new workshop facility that Kathy and Bill Malkasian have provided for artists. See that red jacket? That was my seat. :)
That's a picture of Stephanie Lee, the instructor for our class, called Totally Plastered. LOVE THAT NAME. She, Stephanie, was a great instructor and trust me I'm sat through some very poor workshops and classes. The first half of the first day she spent walking us through all sorts of information about plaster, working with it, additional tips, hints and information for creating texture, mixing, problem solving and so on. It was a wealth of information and she was always happy to stop for a question or concern. Plaster architecture isn't quite as simple as you might think, at first and I loved how the entire group would problem solve a question during the actual working process.
I absolutely LOVE working with plaster. I had a ball, getting messy, carving, designing, making molds, painting and just the texture and feel of plaster.
Stephanie is a talented artist and she also brought some of her gorgeous found art jewelry for us to see and buy. I now am the proud owner of a signed copy of her book Semiprecious Salvage, creating found-art jewelry.
I would highly recommend everyone just checking out the schedule of classes offered at Valley Ridge. www.valleyridgeartstudio.com
It's about an hour and half to forty five minute drive from the Madison airport. It's located in the beautiful rolling mounds/hills of southwestern Wisconsin. The farm house where I stayed was gorgeous. Kathy and Bill are wonderful owners and hosts. Lunch was excellent and I have to say I felt nurtured while I was there.

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    I'm glad you had fun!