Friday, April 25, 2008

Perhaps too much of a good thing?

My friends from New York state have been telling me how dry it is out there. I can only hope that these big storms that have passed through the midwest are on their way to New York state.
We've had more rain than we can handle.
Someone asked me if there was a duck in every puddle, just about. The geese and duck must think this is like the housing boom a couple of years ago. A pond for every goose! Well, just about every large rain soaked field I went by had just that a goose or ducks swimming around in it. Most of the side roads look like the second picture and the picture to the left is my favorite horse farm. That gray strip you see beyond the second fence line is water. It huge and deep. No horses out in that field today.
It is tornado season for us in this part of the world. There was an alert on the radio just a few moments ago. We are under a tornado alert for the rest of the afternoon.

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