Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gray Goose & Friends

These geese and ducks crack me up! Can you see the brown house off in the background? These ducks first arrived at that house. I think a returning child brought them, at the time. I watched the owner of the house put up a fenced in pen, add a plastic swimming pool and there they were.
Then sometime a year ago the fenced in pen was gone, the plastic swimming pool and the ducks and geese. Apparently, they had been moved to the farm, down the road.
Here they rule the farm. They go everywhere together. I've sat in my car, waiting for them to finish crossing the road to get to a recent rain puddle. The gray one seems to be the leader of the troop. He stood in the middle of the road, honking at me until the others had crossed safely.
Gray goose the crossing guard. lolololsnort

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