Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finally SPRING has arrived!

We had our first two days of 60 degree temperatures and spring fever has struck. We joined the mob of people at the home store yesterday, picking up chairs for the table on the pool deck. These are really comfortable, they swival and rock and apparently hold up to the weather without fading. I'm just so happy not to have to deal with cushions. We also picked up stone for edging between the cement around the pool and the picket fence. If I feel so inclined I can put some pots of flowers in with the stone. We also picked up a beautiful white arbor for my garden. It's still in the box, waiting to be put together, three trees for the yard, two pink crab berry and one weeping cherry, landscape fabric and edging. The car was stuffed and pulling a cart full of things. The whole trip and purchases seemed so full of hope!
John has been working on making these pickets all winter. He has quite a stack of them in the garage. They match the picket fence that surrounds my garden. In time this will turn a lovely shade of gray.
So, the cover is off the pool and the water is coooooooooooold. The cement truck is scheduled to come in three weeks to pour an additional base for the hot tub and cabana or Tiki Hut as I prefer to call it. John will be building the Tiki Hut but he assures me that it will go rather quickly, four posts and a roof. Then the hot tub can be delivered in time for the annual Kentucky Derby Day party. I wonder if we will have any hot tubbers trying for a polar bear swim?

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