Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another infant quilt top finished for the Children's Hospital. With the winter like weather we have been having this week I've spent most of my free time making more infant quilts.
My goal is to get 12 done. I still have a lot of putting together and quilting ahead of me but it's a very doable project. I figure by the time I'm finished the warmer weather will really be here for good and I can get outside for yard and garden work.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with this silly cat fabric. I love the white fabric with the colorful paw prints for the half square triangles.
This is a very easy 36" x36" infant quilt to make. It takes 18, 6" blocks. Since I had a colorful print fabric that I didn't really want to cut up into little pieces it made a great 6" block. Remember, beginners to cut your blocks adding that 1/2" for your 1/4" seam allowances. The half square triangles are made by cutting your fabric into (2) 6 7/8" blocks, putting right sides together of the two different fabrics and cutting from one corner, on the diagonal to the other corner. Then you sew the two different triangles together and trim your block up to a nice neat 6 1/2" block.
Ah, and make sure that while you are trimming you PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing.
I always snicker when I see Fons and Porter, on their TV show, put on their special cutting glove to cut fabric. I don't snicker anymore. While working on this quilt I managed to allow the tip of my finger, on my left hand to be slightly over the top of my ruler when I ran my cutter along the edge. Needless to say I am now discovering how much I use my left hand, my middle finger and what a pain it is to wait for it to heal up.
I also managed to run the iron into the side of my left hand, giving me a nice burn mark.
John looked at my hand at dinner the other night and said, " Oh, the perils of the working girl."
Did I say that my bandaged finger is my middle finger on my left hand?

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