Saturday, March 22, 2008

Linus quilt for Children's Hospital

It's 25" x 29" a tad smaller than I wanted it. It's washed and soft and puffy. The backing is flannel.

My plan is to take it over next week to the new Children's Hospital and donate it to the Child Life department for the Linus quilt collections. While I'm there I am hoping to be able to sign up to volunteer at the hospital.
There is a close up of the block I did a lot of stippling around the cat block and it's puffs out and feels good to the touch. There is also a picture of the quilting from the back. When I was doing the stippling I was reminded of a Friend's episode when Rachael doesn't want to run in the park with Phoebe. She says that she runs weird. Phoebe explains that she runs like she did when she was a kid, racing for the swing set at recess. She runs like she's actually having fun running. My stippling reminds me of that. I tend to cross over a line, loop this way and that way. I seldom worry about making it all look the same. I just have fun with it. God help me if there really are stippling police.

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