Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Joyful Easter to you.

Do any of you recognize the fabrics in the left picture? I have started spring cleaning my stash and found these 1980's fabrics, pretty but not what I'm working on these days. I also found a booklet buried under the fabric on the sewing table, called ( I love this) Spring Cleaning, full of Atkinson Designs. These are enjoyable, easy and stress free quilt patterns. I took a break to look through the booklet again and found Lasagna. Four inch wide stripes, cut in assorted sizes and sew together into rows. I picked four of the red/pinks I was sorting out of the bin to give away and cut stripes about of them. Before I knew it I was putting this quilt top together for another Linus quilt.
It's just an unpressed top on the design board at this point but I finished it in a day, while the snow fell AGAIN, in Wisconsin. It measures 35" by 37 1/2" I think. I did cut the extra strips I had down to 2 1/2" for the outside border. A great way to use up some of that older fabric and give it new life and a new purpose. I like to think that some little baby girl is going to receive this pretty pink quilt and that makes me smile.

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