Monday, March 24, 2008

Got to love it!

For 30 years we lived in the city, in a wonderful 100 year old house that we had remodeled. We were, I'm told a 9 iron from the lake. And, although we had a beautiful old farm house type home my views out my windows were limited.
On one side of my home I could barely see the lake since the terrace trees had grown up and blocked my view. And, the rest of the view from that side was of my neighbors house and driveway. The other side of my house was close to a fairly busy residential road. The local bus went up and down on a regular basis and rush hour brought a lot more traffic to our neighborhood. There was little to see from the front of the house or the back, certainly no wildlife.
Now, that we live out in the country, although I can see the McMansions surrounding the local golf course from my house, I have an endless bounty of wildlife coming to my yard. This morning it was the red fox. This afternoon it was this deer and three others that grazed on what is left of the dried prairie plants. This one was cute because I watched it sniff the cement goose, rub it's head on it's back and then just lie down next to it. That tree trunk you can see next to the goose and deer is my ever growing willow tree. This past year it's gotten much bigger and you can actually see it from the house.
I worked on another Linus quilt this afternoon. I got the correct measurements from my friend, Pat and it's 36" x 36". It's such a nice size to work on. I'll post the directions and a picture next time I remember to bring them to the computer. If you have a hospital near you, you might want to ask them if they accept small quilts for their NICUnit.
My grandson, Hunter was delivered early and spent some time in a unit like that, up in Minnesota. I know it means a lot to the parents, that spend time with their babies, to see something warm, bright and colorful near their little ones.

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