Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Isn't he wonderful?

I took a different road to the gym, this morning and found this wonderful snowperson in a farmers field. I wish I could have found somebody to stand next to it so you could see how truly BIG this snowperson is! I'm guessing it's about 16-20' tall. It's made of huge tractor tires and I have no idea how they actually made it but I LOVE IT.
It's a cold but beautiful sunny day and something like this just makes me smile for a long time.
Today, after doing my pt workout I ran some errands for things for the studio. I picked up another teflon pressing sheet. Those things aren't cheap! I've used my old one over and over but I've never been really careful about which side I used and I noticed the last time that it was pretty sticky on both sides. Not good for the iron.
I also picked up a wonderful bag of Angelina called Fireworks, put together by the fibers are put between two pieces of tissue paper and you iron, on the silk setting and the fibers will bond together. They will only adhere to themselves and not to other fibers, papers or fabrics BUT once you have them bonded you can add them to say a fiber project and sew them down.
Yesterday, I made a run to the sewing store and picked up some duck cloth. I got a half yard of black, white and beige. My plan is to haul out the felting machine I got on sale about a year ago and haven't used yet and do some felting of fabric to the duck cloth, going for texture with the fabric and then add some some of these hot fix fibers.
Someone asked me what the end result would be. Truthfully, I have no idea. It will be an interesting new piece of fabric and I might make it into a journal cover, who knows. I really just want to play with the techniques and see how they work.

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