Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm dreaming about my garden.

As you can see the snow is just about high enough to cover the pickets of my garden. There was some blowing and drifting the other night. My beautiful bush is covered with solid ice just on one side. I expect that will melt this weekend when the temperature is supposed to rise up into the low 40's. What a treat that will be. Although where all this snow is going to go when it melts is going to be a problem.
I received my HPCreative Scrapbook Assistant in the mail yesterday. I wish I had this for the memorial booklet that I made for my mother-in-law. It looks like it makes creating a scrapbook page fairly easy. It certainly comes with everything you need, paper background, themes and projects, shapes, images, text, frames, phrases, clipart and probably a lot of other stuff I haven't even found yet. I have a number of ideas for how I want to use this program and not all of them are for paper projects. I'm thinking about trying some things on printable fabric.
I also stopped in at Stitcher's Crossing one of my favorite quilting stores, this morning. I am just starting my 4th week since surgery and walking rather normally so I thought I would go show off my new knees to my friends, in the store. They ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaah over my scars. Good friends will do that for you. lol I did find 12 batik fat quarters that had to go home with me, two beautiful soft pink rose fat quarters and an Oriental design fat quarter that apparently had my name on it. My plan for the batiks is to make some little spirit muse dolls and with the left over fabric to make some fabric beads. You can never have enough fabric beads on hand.
The funniest things I heard today was when I was leaving the gym and I had to pass between two young mothers. The one mother was complaining to the other, "Nobody told me about nap time! How am I supposed to find time to get to the gym when he's taking two naps a day!" lol
Oh yes, I remember that time well. I guess I wasn't so driven to get to the gym because I remember enjoying one nap time by getting projects done or taking care of things in the house and the second naptime was just that, for me a chance to just curl up with a book and catch a quick read and nap. I wanted to stop and tell them that it goes by very quickly. They will have plenty of time for their workouts. Just take a moment and watch the children sleep. They are beautiful when they sleep.

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