Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beautiful but cold

The sun might be out today but it's still -2 degrees and cold. This last snowstorm has left the trees and bushes coated with snow and a layer of ice. It really is beautiful although I suspect that many people are growing tired of this winter in Wisconsin. We've surpased our record snow levels and I guess this will go down as one of those years that people refer to as "remember o8"? lol
I'm back from PT and a workout in the pool and exhausted. I think I have a lot of energy until I have to expend it and then it's all I can do to get myself back home and into bed for a nap. This too shall pass. The word from the PT guy was good. I'm right where I should be at the start of my third week from surgery.
I did go and vote in the primary. The roads have been plowed but now there is this slick icy layer of snow to navigate over. Our small town has just about run out of sand and salt for the roads. It isn't in the budget to get more. We're expecting another arrival of snow tonight, then this weekend and on and on. Makes driving very interesting around here.
I haven't been back in the studio. The creative drive seems to drift around. I have to force myself to sit and do something mundane to get into the groove before I have any interest in actually working on something. Reminds me of practicing the piano when I was younger. Do the drills, do the exercises, practice, practice and then when the timer went off I could finally let loose and play my own compositions. Not that they were all that exciting but belting out a piece using only the black keys seemed to relieve a lot of tension for me.

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  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I'm glad to see you're back blogging again.