Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter landscape always changing.

I know it looks like another snow picture from Wisconsin. I loved the shadows cast on the snow at the entrance of the path into the upper woods. It's a bright sunny day with a beautiful blue sky.
Today is the day I try to get as much quilting done on my Three Moons series. I bought the stretched frames and I would like to get them tacked on and hung before I go in for my knee replacement surgery, on Tuesday.
I have a little more quilting to do on the Indigo Moon for John's office and then that can get tacked to it's stretched canvas.
I like this look. It reminded me of when John and I first came to Wisconsin back in 1969. Our first rental had very little furniture. We moved from Boston hauling a little trailer attached to our VW bug. We just about ruined that car doing that. Our fourth hand furniture from the charity shop was sad and to brighten the walls I remember buying old painted canvases from the charity shore and covering them with wild 60's style bright fabric. It certainly took your mind off of the green horsehair stuffed sofa with the torn cushions turned upside down exposing the black and white plaid bottoms.
Things did get better as John built furniture for us. I remember one wonderful piece that was a room divider. It ran almost all the way across the area between the living room and dining room. Built out of oak it had shelves for books and in the center he had created a space for a fish tank.
Unfortunately, we never seemed to be able to afford the proper heating and filtering things to keep the fish tank working properly.
Another neat piece of furniture was a boomerang style coffee table with an inlaid chessboard on one end and an inlaid cutting board on the other. We were entertaining big time with cheese and wine/beer parties.

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