Monday, January 21, 2008

Shout Color Catchers

I have participated in projects with some Yahoo groups where we used USED DRYER sheets, to paint and melt and whatever else we ended up experimenting with them.
Well, if you haven't saved those Shout Color Catchers you might want to start. If you haven't used them in your washing machine, they are designed to catch any loose dye when you are washing clothes. I always used them when washing new t-shirts that the boys brought home.
I've used them with new fabric that I've just bought at the fabric store. And, despite what the manufacturers say, the color catchers always come out with a little dye on them. Better them than the finished quilt.
You can use the gray ones that come out of a load of laundry, that's usually the color of mine unless I've got something red, black or dark blue in the load. The really neat thing is that you can paint them. They can be used for journal covers, to add texture to a project.
If you heavily paint them with acrylic paints they can take on a look and feel of leather.
They can be painted, stamped and used with paper punches.
I'll be teaching a teen workshop this summer on art journals and this is one product that I'll be bringing in for the kids to have some fun with.

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