Monday, January 07, 2008

Pin weaving

The picture of the poster, on the bottom, is the one I recently bought for my bedroom. I fell in love with the colors. The picture on the top is the still unfinished pin weaving based on the poster's colors. It looks a little rough right now but there is a lot of texture on the surface from the use of different kinds of decorative yarns.
I found a book on my shelves, from the Singer Design Series called Fabric Artistry that details a lot of how to information for pin weaving, felting, texturizing and a lot more. I now know how to "hatch". That's when you want to merge one color or type of weft material into another. It was something I had to read about so I wouldn't end up with "slits". I did add a silk dyed ribbon toward the bottom of the weaving. That was fun. I found I could use a big old plastic comb to beat weft materials to make it tighter and to make those eyelash pieces of yarn stick out.
There is a lot to learn about pin weaving. There are different types of weaving, like soumak which is a technique of wrapping the weft around the warp to create textural interest. After beating, the soumak forms a series of slightly sloping lines. By changing the direction of the slop on alternate wefts, you can create a herringbone or chevron pattern. This could be very useful for a landscape pin weaving.

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